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Some of the reviews and testimonials I have received.

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After buying my cheeky Irish cob Buster approximately 5 1/2 years ago I decided straight away that I wanted to have regular lessons with him to help work through my confidence issues I had with cantering. I also wanted to compete at dressage and generally have some fun with him. Once home with me, Buster soon showed me all his cheeky tricks that he had learned after already having 6 homes by the tender age of 7! Consequently this led to me falling off rather a lot so I knew that I needed a supportive, confidence giving instructor. I knew of Nicky, and a friend of mine gave me her number, and I can honestly say that I have not looked back after calling her. Thanks to her experience, encouragement and support I can genuinely say that I would have probably sold Buster after the first 6 months. With Nicky's help I have gone from having no confidence in canter to really not worrying about it no matter what trick he throw. We have also gone from competing in dressage at Walk Trot Level to now riding at Novice with relatively good success. We have been to adult camp several times and had such good fun along with doing jumping clinics and le-trec all done with confidence which I have built up with my weekly lessons. When my partner and myself go away on holidays Buster is always booked into 'boot camp' with Nicky. It's nice knowing that he is being worked and also he is being well looked after, no different to her own horses. It's piece of mind knowing that he is being looked after so well and I don't need to worry about him whilst we're away.

I gained a great instructor and I know that if I have a problem with Buster I can speak to her and we work through it and every now and then when I'm having a slight blip she gives me that kick of encouragement I need. I've not looked back in 5 1/2 years and I'm sure that we will continue to enjoy many more to come.

Caroline and Buster